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Friday Nights Live begin May 6 - October 28. from 6-9 pm

Public Plaza | 101 North Indian Hill

Claremont Chamber | 205 Yale
Council Chambers | 225 Second St.
Shelton Park | Bonita & Harvard Ave.
Patio Behind The Junction | 1 N Indian Hill Blvd

  Friday, August 5
The Dogs, Rock | Public Plaza
US 99, Oldies Rock | Shelton Park
Jack McCoy, Rock Johnny Cash | Claremont Chamber
Random Spark, Rock | Council Chambers
Thor's Storm | Patio Behind The Junction

Friday, August 12
Claremont Voodoo Society, Blues Folk | Public Plaza
Delta 88, Rock Oldies | Shelton Park
Blues and Fries, Blues Folk | Claremont Chamber
Auburn Hinkernell, Originals | Council Chambers

Friday, August 19
Amanda Castro Band, 30’s 40’s Blues | Public Plaza
The Vinyl Numbers, Rock | Shelton Park
RCR Band, Rock Blues | Claremont Chamber
Jackson Family Band, Folk Blues | Council Chambers

Friday, August 26
Dynamite Dawson, Soft Rock | Public Plaza
Brooks and Sons, Soft Rock Originals | Shelton Park
Adrienne Selina, Originals | Claremont Chamber
Mike’s Guitar World | Council Chambers

Friday, September 2
Baba Elefante Trio, Jazz | Public Plaza
Mike Taylor Band, Jazz Blues | Shelton Park
Steve and Stacy, Soft Rock Blues | Claremont Chamber
Slinker, Rock Blues | Council Chambers

Friday, September 9
High Strung Band, Blues Blue Grass | Public Plaza
Charged Particles, Jazz Blues | Shelton Park
Los Whateveros, Rock | Claremont Chamber
Random Spark, Rock | Council Chambers

Friday, September 16
Darby Ryan & Her Band, R&B Folk | Public Plaza
Harmony Sisters & the Little Big Band | Shelton Park
Marc Weller Trio – Jazz | Claremont Chamber
Enigma Flux | Council Chambers

Friday, September 23
Nick Casillas & Friends, Brass Strings | Public Plaza
Amazing Tone Benders, Oldies Rock | Shelton Park
Steve Rushingwind | Claremont Chamber
Falls Like Rain, Originals Rock | Council Chambers

Friday, September 30
Blondtourage, Country Rock | Public Plaza
Blues and Fries, Blues Folk | Shelton Park
Slinker, Originals Rock | Claremont Chamber
Saloon No. 12, Rock | Council Chambers

Friday, October 7
Squeekin Wheels, Country Folk Blues | Public Plaza
The Dogs | Shelton Park
Random Spark, Rock | Claremont Chamber
Technopagan, Original Electric | Council Chambers

Friday, October 14
Claremont Voodoo Society, Folk Blues | Public Plaza
Ray MacNamara Band - steel drums | Shelton Park
Steve & Stacy, Folk Blues | Claremont Chamber
J. Grizz Band - Classic Rock/Variety | Council Chambers

Friday, October 21
Dynamite Dawson, Rock | Public Plaza
Marc Weller Trio, Jazz | Shelton Park
J-Birds, Rock Blues | Claremont Chamber
Soundwave, Rock | Council Chambers

Friday, October 28
Fab 8, Beatles | Public Plaza
Darby Ryan  & Her Band, Folk R&B | Shelton Park
Patrick Carrico Band, Country Rock | Council Chambers

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